A Walk In The Park

Paradise Park that is…

Our pretty little town has a beautiful park, great trails and along with Lake Runnemede, you really can’t go wrong. We are so fortunate, and if you are a local, you already know this!Paradise ParkWe are happy to share our experience with you on this beautiful day. Heading down Juniper Hill Road, the newly purchased and renovated Windsor Manson Inn entrance is looking great. They’ve cleared enough so you can easily see the Inn from the road and this change (in our opinion) makes an inviting impression. Do you agree? Wishing them the best and much success!Windsor Mansion InnDelaney, as we work our way down the “killer hill” part of Juniper Hill. Our mission today is to view lake side, grab a special pic, then on to Meadow Loop before heading up to the shelter.Delaney (2)
Entering at Lower Juniper – very pretty – hoping there is a bridge coming up soon.Paradise Park (1) Continue reading

Which Wood – Cherry

Cherry Wood – from the fabulous Cherry Tree – a favorite for many, but not horses. Toxic to horses, who knew? Okay, back to the beautiful wood.

  • Cherry – Prunus Serotina
    • Black Cherry, American Cherry
      • Considered a hardwood, but towards the softer side of hard…if that makes sense.
      • Native to the Northeast US – yeah!
      • Often the 1st choice for cabinetry, turned pieces, artisan crafts, furniture, flooring, trim work and more.
Small - Medium in Rustic Cherry.

Small – Medium in Rustic Cherry.

Cherry heartwood is light brown when initially cut – but over time it will deepen in color – darken and become even more beautiful.  The sap wood – however – will not change.  The little cutting boards shown above have sap wood included on purpose for rustic character.  Do you see it? Do you like it?

Furniture and cabinetry in cherry wood can be quite stunning – but the cabinetmaker needs to be able to select the wood properly.  Who know’s what I’m talking about?


Hope Chest in Cherry Wood – Natural Finish

This hope chest – shown in cherry natural and when it was just completed – is soooo much darker now – wish I had an updated picture. We favor the natural wood grain, but some stain cherry (walnut too). It’s just a preference thing, don’t judge.

See the bead-board cabinet behind it?  This is not cherry – any guesses?

We have yet to make a live edge piece in cherry, so we would like to feature one by a fellow woodworker – who happens to also be located in Windsor, VT.  What do you think? Is this gorgeous or what? Paul is super talented, we’ve seen his work and are thrilled to find out he is so close.  A meet-up is in order, hint, hint.

Cherry Table by Paul Wilson

Check out this coffee scoop in wild cherry – so unique and fun. Want one? Click on the picture to find out more…

Wild Cherry Scoop by Boot Hill Blades

Wild Cherry Scoop by Boot Hill Blades

What are your thoughts on cherry wood?rustic-cherry-counter-top

Let it Snow?

Let it Snow? How about “Make it Stop”? Coming into the end of February and headed for March, I’m personally ready for the snow to stop. It’s pretty and fun and white and all of that but bring on Spring!


Swings are buried.


Pretty, but really?


Snow is piling up.


Where are the stairs?


Pool Shed

Shoveling off roofs may need to happen today – again. The ice build up around the gutters isn’t safe and can’t be left alone. Unless the sun comes out…

Is that the sun?

Is that the sun?

Yeah – Sun!! Come on girl, you can do it, melt as much ice as you can!!

In the meantime, between the snow removal and all the other things, Bud has been gearing up for this seasons Craft Fairs and Artisan Events – More walnut has been purchased from Atlantic Plywood which will balance nicely with the maple wood we still have.  The contrasting designs still seem to be the hottest sellers.


Walnut – Rustic Cherry – Fun MUG

I am still a fan of the natural wood grains and how they can vary so much, what are your thoughts?

Maple - Walnut and Walnut - Maple Cutting Boards

Maple – Walnut and Walnut – Maple Cutting Boards

Ok, back to the sun, which is melting the snow quite nicely at this point. Happy for this warmer day, I think we all needed it.  Cheers to the Daytona 500 and cheers to the Oscars tonight – enjoy!!

AND thank you for stopping by our blog!!