Lilacs and Hearts

It’s all about the picture – initially, grabbing attention which can increase your online reach. This can also help you find that next awesome contact person and to follow, perhaps the next sale!!


After the picture however, the rest is up to you. Create interesting content to promote your craft and engage with social media. Be generous with your peeps, share and support them and they will do the same for you.

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Joining a Gallery

We have made the leap – the leap into gallery world that is!!


All Vermont made – artwork, crafts, fine woodworking and original prints – take a look at a few of the many offerings you will find at Sweet Grass Gallery & Gifts.

Shiny Things!!

Shiny Things by Janet Auman


Lori Yarrow Designs

The wooden bowls are stunning and we love the hand painted glassware, elegant and fun. Do you agree?


Fairfield Farm Bowls


Simply Art Collection by Patricia Maeder

Alyson has a wonderful selection of pottery available as well.


Battenkill River Pottery


Polly Wellford Pottery

Original prints, paintings and floor cloths – so many designs to choose from.


Red Poppies – an Alyson Chase Original

Notice the maple leaf sculpture above the Aly C Bags – it’s by John Arthur – Windrush Sculpture – his work is incredible.


Aly C Bags!!

Bath and Body  – Candles and more. All made in Vermont (of course)!!


Versante Bath and Body

Artisan Food is available, anyone have a sweet tooth? Maple syrup and dark chocolate among other items.


Bond’s Butter Crunch

Alyson helped us figure out the best way to label our items and it was decided that string through the tag is the way to go.  Done!!  All of the displays look so pretty, can’t wait to see how she incorporates our woodworking. Cutting Boards, Cribbage Boards, Serving Trays and 1 Picture Frame (more to come if it’s a hit).


Small Square Cutting Board in Sapele and Maple Wood

Our 1st gallery contractual agreement, super excited, but a little nervous!! Fingers are crossed that we fit it nicely and do well with Alyson and her fabulous group of talented artisans.

Hello Sweet Grass Gallery!!

Hello Sweet Grass Gallery!!


Affiliate Gallery!!


Which Wood – Maple

Hard Maple

Did you know that the maple wood species are classified as hard or soft? However, the softer maples are still considered a hardwood – did that make sense? The softer option can almost always be a substitute for the hard or rock maple. So why do they differentiate?

Janka Hardness of Maple

  • Hard Maple – Acer Saccharum
    • AKA – Rock Maple or Sugar Maple, (yes, the Vermont State Tree)!!
  • Maple – Softer Maple?
    • Bigleaf
    • Box Elder
    • Red
    • Silver
    • Striped

Small Maple Cheese Board

The maple we receive is typically leftovers from a cabinet shop – quite a mixed variety, which is fine for cutting boards – cheese boards – cribbage boards, serving trays, etc.

Cabinet makers and furniture makers will usually offer maple, it’s a great option, although be careful when staining. Applying a stain to any hardwood, even with the softer maples can create a blotchy result. Wood toner is a good idea – trust me  – and ask for a sample.

Why isn’t Flame Maple in the above maple choices? Because the flame is grain character based on how the tree grows, not a wood species. Get it?

  • Flame Maple – Tiger Maple
    • AKA –  Flamed, Curly, Ripple, Fiddleback or Tiger Stripecropped-default-ehow-images-a04-ol-hp-what-tiger-maple-800x8001.jpg

As a fan of wood grain in general, maple doesn’t excite – Unless it’s it’s TIGER or Curly!! This curly – tiger flooring by Hull Forest Products would work for me – totally. It’s so pretty with just enough character, in my opinion.


Although, if the above was my flooring choice (maple is a wonderful flooring choice – hard wood remember), I wouldn’t want curly maple furniture in the same room – what about you?

Maple is also great for creating contrast, as my husband, the artisan who can’t keep it simple knows and these designs have been very popular.

Maple (with sap wood) and Walnut End Grain Cutting Board

Maple (with sap wood) and Walnut End Grain Cutting Board


Mahogany or Sapele with Maple?

Mahogany or Sapele with Maple?